About Fernando Hernández, guide for Ensenada Tour Guide.

Accredited guide by the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California since 2007.
Started his trajectory as a Tour guide since 2002.

Enthusiast and practitioner of Kung Fu martial arts for over 16 years, currently a children’s and teenagers instructor.
Likes board games, technological novelties, dancing salsa, bachata, reading, personal growth and enjoying all kinds of food.

Ensenada Tour Guide was founded by David Marmolejo.

Accredited Tour guide By The Secretary of tourism of Baja California and was in Courses to be a Federal Tour guide.
Started Guiding Tours since 1997 as well as working on different areas of the tourism industry, hard Core explorer of the area, born in Ensenada.

Musician(piano/keyboard/accordion/guitar/harmonica) for weddings, Tourist destinations, etc. since 15 years old.
He had been a music and arts Teacher for the State Government educational system and private Bilingual schools for preschool and elementary.
Also a piano/keyboard teacher, and computer music.

Student for music, computers, preschool teaching, renewable energy, tour Guide  courses and was studying for the Federal tour guide course.