Zipline Canopy Tour +Bonus Downtown city Tour Options


zipline canopy tourin Ensenada



Zipline Canopy  Tour and Downtown city tour in Ensenada

Tour Includes:



*ZIPLINE CANOPY TOUR   5 zip-lines  and 5 bridges at Las Canadas approx 1 hour. Must fit the safety harness. Max. Waist Belt: 48 Inches (122 cm)  Max Leg Loop: 26 inches (66 cm) Zipline Tour done by 4 year olds to 82 year olds

Bonus option Beach,Museum,Downtown Tour, or a tamale,churro,Mexican ice cream   or go back to your cruise. must be on the way from the zipline canopy tour to the Cruise.

** We take pictures or Videos on the participants on the tour and send them  as a thank you gift ,This is not always possible for us ( we have broken equipment trying to do that even a Drone)

*Tour starts at 9am approx a 2 min walk from your Cruise (full instructions will be given when you deposit)  and Tour Ends approx 12;45 pm

P.S  We take pictures or Videos of the people zip lining and  send them to the participants as a thank you gift , this is not always possible for us ( We break a lot of equipment trying to do that)

**Minimum  4 people on Tour day for regular price (from your party or other parties). If Other people want to Join you , we will let you know. If it’s only 2 people on tour you add a 50 u.s dlls extra to total and its 3 people 25 dlls extra TO THE TOTAL NOT TO INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS .

***You deposit 40% on Paypal Or Wells Fargo account and pay the Rest In U.s Cash on arrival

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