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ZIPLINE CANOPY TOUR + ATV TOUR + Downtown city optional bonus





*ZIPLINE CANOPY TOUR  5 zip-lines and 5 bridges at Las Canadas approx 1 hour. Must fit the safety harness. Max. Waist Belt: 48 Inches (122 cm)  Max Leg Loop: 26 inches (66 cm) Zipline Tour done by 4 year olds to 82 year olds.

Must be at least 55 inches tall (140 cm). If you are shorter than 55 inches tall you can still take the tour but you will only be able to use the 5 zip lines and  skip most bridges . you must fit the safety harness. Max. Waist Belt: 48 Inches (122 cm) | Max Leg Loop: 26 inches (66 cm)

-We have  taken some videos and/or Pictures of their tour (after going there so many times i now know good places to take them ) and send them  as a thank you to the participants . But please this is not always possible for us . (we have broken much equipment trying to do this even a Drone )

* ATV Tour is 1 hour approx Tour you can ride doubles, Little kids can Ride

with their parents ,and teens can Ride under the Parents FULL responsibility (will need to bring a I.D )

* DOWNTOWN CITY TOUR (optional Bonus ) you will have to option to choose between  making a beach stop, taco stop, shopping at the downtown tourist district or a museum.

*Payment You deposit 40% of the Tour to  a paypal account or Wells Fargo you pay the rest on arrival in u.s Dollars

*Total Group at Tour day Must be 4 people minimum  (We will let you know if another party wants to join your tour or if you want to join another Tour that has already people on it for that day  **we will let you know ** )

*In case you end up being only 2 people for that tour you pay a 50 dll extra to the total, NOT to individual price, and if it’s 3 people just 25 dlls to the Total NOt individual.

P.S some people love when they are the only ones that get all the attention  ?

NOTE: you must bring an I.D for every 2 bikes you rent , that will be kept while you do the tour ,and return when you return the atv.

Tour starts at 9:00 am Ends approx 3:00 PM


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