Fun Chips & Salsa Mexico taco Class add on option


per person


This is a fun a add on option  for any tours that include La Bufadora/flea market.

Mexican salsa, guacamole & tortilla Class at La Bufadora

This  Fun activity is Hands on, Mexican Salsa, pico de gallo, make from scratch a taco with tortillas class.  *Possible class on Fish taco making if time allows it.
Adding this option is a more complete version of the demo sometimes demonstrated at our tours. (and with the comfort of not needing to deal with cash when eating)

-Then Have a meal  with your choice of different types of tacos from Carne Asada, Fish, shrimp taco, etc.( Includes 2 tacos and 1 soda or water) you can purchase additional food if you like.

*This Option is not always available 100% of the time
*Please contact us for availability (the bigger your party the bigger the possibility)

P.S this activity sometimes becomes a party!!  

If for some reason the activity cannot be done a refund will be made.


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