Service add on Option



We enjoy doing tours but adding a service option to a tour Makes a day to remember for every one .

*This option is add on to most of the Tours

*Most of the time it’s done at the end of the tour.


*Go to an old folks home, show a talent, make food for them or even dance a bit with them. Adult Pampers are greatly needed, blankets, hoodies scarfs

*street kids : play with them, share food, used toys or clothing. Give them a free hygiene kit and teach them how to use it . Like teaching them how to brush their teeth or how to wash their hands correctly.

One of the most needed requested things is repairing roofs
*requires a bit of planning with us for it.

What we’ve been so delighted to see is that people of different religions, political background have come together  to become one in helping the needy. and all differences disappear and people become more grateful for what they have.

P.S the little extra charge is usually because we have to pay extra time for the driver, gas, etc.


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